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Birthday Reflections

Today is my birthday! Forty-three years! What a blessing! Often we focus on celebrating ourselves on our special day. We post photos of fancy gifts and extravagant trips to give others the impression that we are living our best lives. Sometimes, we even celebrate for an entire month of self-indulgence. This year, I have no fancy trips or extravagant gifts. What I do have are the two people whom God joined together in order for me to have a birthday, James & Cynthia Canty.

Today, I salute them. I have spent the past week living with them, walking them through a season of healing and recovery. At times, I must admit that it was unnerving to be by their side as they battled this serious virus. However, it was the least I could do. As I reflect on my childhood, I am still amazed at the maturity and diligence they displayed at such a young age while raising three children. Money was tight, but we were wealthy. They taught my siblings and I lasting life principals through their example. They let us witness their triumphs and failures. They showed us how to keep pressing through the storms of life. I am the woman I am today because of their faithfulness, determination, and integrity. Yes, it's my birthday, but today I celebrate James & Cynthia. You were the conduit through which I was realized and manifested. You molded me as your godly assignment. I am so grateful for the gift that God continues to grant me through your existence as my parents. #cantyforever #happybirthdaytome

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